Myron Melvin Root

Myron Melvin Root
November 26, 1848 - ??, 1930

His Family
(Information courtesy of Elmer Root)

In the home of Stephen Root and Affa M. (Youmans) Root, on a farm near the town of Hastings, NY, Myron Melvin was born on November 26th, 1848. He was the oldest of three sons. His younger brothers were Lewis Root and Amos Root. Lewis drowned while swimming in a nearby lake.

Affa's family name is Youmans. Her father's name was After Youmans - "After" became the basis for "Affa", the name given to Myron's mother and later, his own daughter, Affa Emma Carlson. Stephen Root, Myron's father, died of typhoid at age 35. Affa later married Amos, Stephen's younger brother. They produced two more sons, Sheridan and Stephen. Stephen died of typhoid around age 21 (age unverified). At this time, I do not know what became of Sheridan, the half-brother/first cousin or Amos, the little brother.

Amos Root, Myron's uncle and stepfather, was a Union soldier during the Civil War. After the war, he operated a canal boat on the Erie canal. In 1873, he moved his family to rural Kansas and homesteaded a few miles south of the town of Gypsum.

Myron M Root circa 1880
Myron Root circa 1880

Myron's Autobiography

(Courtesy Stephen Root)

Myron wrote his autobiography some time prior to his death. Elizabeth, apparently, typed it and her grandson, Steven, eventually entered it into a word processor. I obtained a copy about five years ago and copied it into a Adobe PDF format. Click HERE to read it in its entirety.

Important Dates


•Stephen Root b. 1817, Dover DE d. 1854, Hastings NY

After Stephen died, his younger brother, Amos, married Affa. Amos is Myron Melvin's uncle and stepfather.

•Amos Root b. 1828, NY d. March 22, 1911, Orting, Wash.

Census records from 1910 indicate Amos lived with Myron, Elizabeth, and family in the Spokane area for a time. But most of Amos' time, after 1898, was spent living in the Soldier's Home in Orting, Washington.

•Affa M. Youmans b. 1821, Coxsackie NY d. ????

Myron & Elizabeth are Married: October 24th, 1875



The "Yeomans" name is spelled "Youmans" in Myron Melvin's autobiography. Since I found an After Yeomans in an 1810 Coxsackie, NY census spelled "Yeomans", I'm inclined to believe it's the same person. Information supplied to me by Philip Ogden would suggest either spelling is acceptable. There is always a chance the census takers misspelled it - a common occurrence in those days.

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